Emax Blheli 12A Brushless ESC, ESC, Instructions

Emax Blheli Brushless ESC Programming

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These instructions covers the Following Emax Blheli ESC

  • Emax Blheli 6A
  • Emax Blheli 12A
  • Emax Blheli 20A
  • Emax Blheli 25A
  • Emax Blheli 30A
  • Emax Blheli 30A-OPTO
  • Emax Blheli 40A-UBEC
  • Emax Blheli 50A-UBEC
  • Emax Blheli 60A-UBEC
  • Emax Blheli 80A-UBEC

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Emax Blheli ESC Normal Startup Instructions

Move the throttle stick on your Transmitter to the bottom position then switch on your transmitter.

Connect your battery pack to your Emax Blheli ESC. The Long *BEEP* sound should be emitted. That sound means that the bottom point of the throttle range has been detected.

Several *BEEP* tones should be emitted to present the amount of battery cells. When self-test is finished, a musical “♪ 1 2 3” tone should be emitted.

Listen to the Startup Sound

Emax Blheli ESC Throttle Range Setting Procedures

Switch on your transmitter. Move the throttle stick to the most top position on your transmitter.

Connect your battery pack to the Emax Blheli ESC. Two  *BEEP* sounds should be emitted. That sound means that the bottom point of the throttle range has been Confirmed and Saved.

Move the throttle stick to the bottom position (within 2 seconds of the Two  *BEEP* sounds), and long *BEEP* sound should be emitted. The long *BEEP* sound means the bottom point of the throttle range has been detected.

Several *BEEP* tones should be emitted to present the amount of battery cells. When the self-test is finished, a musical “♪ 1 2 3” tone should be emitted.

Note: If the throttle stick is neither at the bottom position nor the top position after powered on, it will constantly make *BEEP* sounds.

Listen to Throttle Range Procedure Sounds

D. Emax Blheli ESC Programming Parameters

D1. Brake Type: There is six break types including..

“BEEP-” (See indicating sounds)

  1. OFF
  2. LOW
  3. MID-LOW
  6. HIGH

The Default is: OFF

D2. Timing Mode: There is five options..

“BEEP-BEEP” (See indicating sounds)

  1. LOW: 0°
  2. MID-LOW: 8°
  3. MIDDLE: 15°
  4. MID-HIGH: 23°
  5. HIGH: 30°

The Default is MIDDLE: 15°. Low advance timing is recommended for high inductance and low KV motors. High advance timing is recommended for low inductance and high KV motors. For some high KV motors, if it shakes while rotating in high speed, the High timing mode is recommended

D3. Start Force: There is thirteen options..

“BEEP-BEEP-BEEP” (See indicating sounds)

  1. 0.03
  2. 0.05
  3. 0.06
  4. 0.09
  5. 0.13
  6. 0.19
  7. 0.25
  8. 0.38
  9. 0.50
  10. 0.75
  11. 1.00
  12. 1.25
  13. 1.50

The Default is 0.75. Select the corresponding start force according to the load of motor.

D4. Reserved for new programming parameters“BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP” (See indicating sounds)

D5. Control Frequency: There is two options

“BEEP—–” (See indicating sounds)

  1. 8KHz
  2. 22KHz

The Default is 8KHz. This option is the drive frequency of the motors.

D6. Low Voltage Protection: There is four options…

“BEEP—–BEEP-“ (See indicating sounds)

  1. 2.8V/cell
  2. 3.0V/cell
  3. 3.2V/cell
  4. OFF the low voltage protection

The Default is 3.0V/cell. The cell will automatically identify the battery cell. E.g. Suppose there’re 3 cells, if the voltage is lower then 9V, the system will work according to the current cutoff option.

D7. Cutoff Mode: There are two options..

“BEEP—–BEEP-BEEP-” (See indicating sounds)

  1. Soft-Cut
  2. Cut-Off

The Default is Soft-Cut. Soft-Cut  option: Gradually reduce throttle power to 31% of the current power when the voltage is lower than the programmed low-voltage protection threshold. Cut-Off option: immediate motor shutdown occurs in low voltage.

When low-voltage protection, Push the throttle stick to the bottom position  and then top position, the motor will be restarted. But since it is low-voltage condition, the output power is low or stopped at once.

 Exit Program see Exit Program

Tip: If you get your ESC stuck a bidirectional, put your ESC into Programming mode (see Enter Programming mode) and allow the program parameters to cycle through (See indicating sounds). When you hear  “BEEP—-  BEEP- BEEP- BEEP”, pull your throttle stick to the center. When you hear the repeat selection of that parameter setting tones, select the second tone “BEEP-BEEP-” by moving the throttle stick to the top.

E. Emax Blheli ESC Protection Setting

E1. Low Voltage Protection:  Whether to shut down the motor immediately or to lower the power when the input voltage drops below the protection threshold depends on the values set as Cutoff Mode.

E2. Loss of Signal Protection: Power will gradually lower to 0 when the signal is lost, and motor stops Motors will resume to the current power when the signal is detected again.

E3. Over-heat Protection: When the temperature of the ESC MOSFETS exceeds 100 Celsius, power will be lowered gradually and will resume when the temperature decreases.

Emax Blheli ESC Programming via Programming Card 

Programming  your Emax Blheli ESC via Programming card is Highly Recommended.

Step 1: Pull the PPM Signal wire out of the receiver, and plug it in the program card jack.

Note: Please pay attention to the direction your plugging the PPM signal wire into the programming card.

Step 2: Connect the Emax Blheli ESC to the battery, after 2 seconds you will hear the musical “♪ 1 2 3” tone.

Step 3: The Programming card automatically reads the parameters from the Emax Blheli ESC and the corresponding LED will be on.

Step 4: Button 1 is for choosing program items. Button 2 is for choosing different parameters for each item. Button 3 is ‘write’ new parameters to the Emax Blheli ESC.

Step 5: Cut off the power.

 Emax Blheli ESC Programming via Transmitter.

 Step 1: Enter Programming mode:

Switch the transmitter on. Pull the throttle stick to the top position. Switch the Emax Blheli ESC on and wait two seconds. You will hear two *BEEP* sounds, which denotes that Max throttle has been confirmed.

Keep the throttle at the most top position  and you will hear this musical “♪ 1 2 3      ♪ 1 2 3” tone. That sound means that you have entered the transmitter programming mode.

Play Sound

 Step 2: Select program parameters:

Keep the throttle stick to the most top position after you hear the tone mention in step 1. There’re 7 parameters that can be set by using your transmitter. You will hear 7 different indicating sounds which correspond to 7 parameters. Pull the throttle stick to the bottom (full off position) within two seconds after you hear the corespondent sound. That will bring to that correspondent parameter setting status

The indicating sounds will repeat as follows. (Linked to:

  1. Brake Type: “BEEP-” (Play Sound)
  2. Timing Mode: “BEEP-BEEP” (Play Sound)
  3. Start Force: “BEEP-BEEP-BEEP” (Play Sound)
  4. Reserved (skip): “BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP” (Play Sound)
  5. Control Frequency: “BEEP—–” (Play Sound)
  6. Low Voltage Protection: “BEEP—–BEEP-” (Play Sound)
  7. Cutoff Mode: “BEEP—–BEEP-BEEP-” (Play Sound)

 Step 3: Selecting program values:

After entering the parameter setting status, hold the throttle stick on the bottom position, you will be led to the repeat selection of that parameter setting status. Each sound likes 4 short sounds and one long sound (1 long sound = 5 short sounds), and by that analogy. After some sound pull the throttle stick to the top position in 2 seconds, after you hear the musical tone “♪ 3 2 1   ♪ 3 2 1”, which means the correspondent value has been chosen and saved. Hold the throttle stick on the top position, return to the second step and continue programming.

Exit Program

Pull the throttle stick to the bottom position with in two seconds and hold after saving parameters, until you hear the tune, “BEEP—-  BEEP- BEEP- BEEP –  ♪ 1 2 3”. Set throttle to bottom position .

Play Sound

 Restore Emax Blheli ESC  to factor Defaults

To restore the Emax Blheli ESC to the factory default settings, pull the throttle stick to the bottom position within one second after entering the programming mode, then pull the the throttle stick to the Top Position within 2 seconds. You will hear a tune, which means that the  factory settings have been restored. Pull the the bottom position within 2 seconds. Now the ESC is ready with the factory settings.


6 thoughts on “Emax Blheli Brushless ESC Programming

  1. Will the emax programming card work on the blheli ESC? They all say for Simon k firmware. It would be nice if they did because transmitter programming is a pain.


  2. Hi,
    this port saved my life, i was having troubes with the adapter/blhelisuite, just to reverse an esc.
    i also checked out the blheli tx programming beep chart,didn’ match how esc beeped…

    and the i found your post! explaining the right beeps, showing clear procedure with examples… nice !
    BUT ! i actualy had 8 parameters (according to the beeps), and as you didn’t mentioned the motor direction parameter i assumed it was the 8th, and it was !
    the motor runned CCW
    3 values (cycling the value to guess out) i choosed the second, and the motor was reversed !

    so i assume it is
    1 normal
    2 reverse
    3 bidirectional

    as i read somewhere that bidirectional setting disabled the TX programming i’d rather not to test it until i get my arduino board.

    You can notice i used a lot of “!”, because i realy was in trouble reversing my esc ( i trimed my motors cable so i couldn’t switch two of them…)
    Thanks a lot


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