So I got my F450 Drone out, then a Crazy Lady Appeared!

* Disclaimer – This Article Contains Adult Language. If you’re easily offended, please back out of this article by clicking here. This Article also contains Amazon Associate Product Links*

Yesterday evening, I got my F450 out so I could get some aerial footage for my Memory Bank of this 20-acre property that has been in my family for over hundred years, and will be sold in 2017 to a developer.

Just as soon as I got my Drone in the air, I heard someone yell out “PERVERT ALERT!”. I turned around to see a woman on the phone up at the road. Where i was launching my drone, from where she was standing was approximately 44.4 yards from me (according to google earth).

“Was she talking to me” I asked myself? I landed my drone and said. “Excuse me mam?”. She responded by giving me the middle finger and said, “TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS YOU FUCKING PERVERT!”.

I was totally shocked and angry about what she said to me. For as long as I have been in this hobby, I have never experienced anything like this. I have read online stories about people freaking out when they see a Drone flying in the air.

After she gave me the finger and called me a pervert, I had to say something, so I responded, “Lady. If I was going to risk jail for spying on someone, I wouldn’t risk it by choosing to spy on your ugly ass!”.


I just turned around and put my drone back in the air and set it to Auto so it would fly its mission. As I was watching my drone fly to it’s way points ignoring what this yelling up at the road, suddenly someone took their finger and poked me really hard on the shoulder blade. I turned around to see who it was and there was that same crazy cunt that was up at the road yelling all these horrible things to me!

This crazy cunt had already walked down to me on my property and said “TAKE IT DOWN NOW!” I responded, “You crazy fucking bitch I will not!” She then reached and tried to quickly snatch my DX7 Transmitter out of my hand. “You god damn bitch, get your god damn ass back up on the road before I have your ass arrested for trespassing!” as I pointed at the big yellow sign that says “NO TRESPASSING”.

She replied, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, TAKING PICTURES OF LITTLE GIRLS?!?!?” I was fuming mad. I’m pretty sure I had smoke coming from my ears by this point. “You stupid bitch, where do you see a little girl at?” I pointed to my house, “That’s my house!” I pointed to our rental house, “That house is also ours, and has been empty for a year!” I pointed to the ground, “And this is my property” then I pointed to the road, “And there is a public road, now get your ass on it!”

She replied, “Well the police are already own its way. I wouldn’t put it back in the air if I were you.”

By this point my drone had already landed, and I already had it in my hand to keep her from smashing it, “You see this number right here” I pointed to my FAA number that is written on the drone, “That means I’m legally registered with the FAA, and I have the card it my wallet saying I’m legally allowed to fly it. I Don’t care if the police are coming, and if you don’t get your ass off my property right now, I will have you arrested for trespassing! Speaking of the police, right there they are.” I pointed.

The police came down and made her go stand in front of his patrol car and he had me wait right there.

He went over and talked to the lady. He then walked back down to me and got my side of the story. He asked if I was register to fly this drone and I showed him the number on the drone and handed him my card and id.

He told me that she said that I was following her with the drone. I told him, “That is a lie!” I told him what happen and what I was doing and I told him a that I had footage from my GoPro, “If you watch this video that is on this camera, you will see the drone lift off the ground into the air, then land. You should be able to hear her yelling at me, and me responding back to her. Then you will see the drone go back in the air and fly to the waypoints I had set. Then you will hear part of our conversation when the drone landed and I had it in my hand. At no time did my drone follow her like she is claiming it did.” He asked me would I mind if he seen the footage, and I responded, “I would be happy for you to watch the footage.” I removed my GoPro Hero 4 Black from my drone gimbal and handed it to the cop. He took the GoPro and walked back to his patrol car.

About 15 minutes go by and another patrol car pulls up. He gets out and walks up to the other patrol car. I’m guessing that the first cop, the older gentlemen didn’t know how to get the video off SD card. After several more minutes, I was sitting on the bank. I was a good distance away from them you could see them talking, and what looked to be smiling and laughter.

The second cop walked over to the lady and started talking to her. The first cop came back up to me, handed back my GoPro, ID and FAA card and asked would I like to press trespassing charges. I told him no, I just want her to get off my property.

He told me I was free to go. He walked up to her and told her I did nothing illegal, and that she should be thinking me for not pressing charges, and that if comes back harassing me when they leave and in the future, that she would be going to jail.

I took my drone and walked in the house, and the lady and the cop’s left.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them while flying your drone? I’m debating on uploading the video to YouTube, but i’m nervous of any legal ramifications (she trying to sue me etc..)


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