Drones 4 Kids

After Christmas I seen many parents in the field who had bought Drones for their Kids. I seen one parent who bought their 6-year-old son a DJI Mavic Pro; a $1000 drone.

I never understood why someone would buy their kids an expensive drone such as DJI when they have no flying experience what-so-ever. It’s not just the cost, because obviously if you have the money, and your kid has experience, by all means buy it for them. However, if your kid has no experience, you need to buy them something more suitable for their level of experience.

Most of these Drones are NOT Toys, and can be VERY dangerous not only to your kid,  but also people around them.

The motors on these drones are spinning extremely fast, and these props will cut you up! I have scars all over my hand and arms from not only mistakes I’ve made, but from my drone malfunctioning coming straight back at me at full throttle into my chest, cutting me up bad because i couldn’t get it off of me. I received 6 stitches on the inside my arm nearly getting my Ulnar Artery.

So after seeing so many kids with drones out in the field this past week, i put together a list of Drones 4 kids that are suitable for kids with little to no experience.

Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise



Helix Ion



Holy Stone HS170






Syma X11C



Fat Shark, Manuals, Predator V2, Revision A

Predator V2 FPV User Manual Revision A

You can Download the PDF version of this Predator V2 Manual here



Congratulations on purchasing the Fat Shark Predator RTF FPV video piloting
system with goggles, transmitter and camera. To ensure your continued
enjoyment, please take the time to thoroughly read through this operating manual
before using.

Product Compatibility

The Predator has been designed to adhere to established video standards and is
compatible with any product also adhering to accepted video standards. Due to
the high number of different manufacturers and variation in quality, it’s impossible
to for us to have tested with every product combination and some troubleshooting
may be required if mix/matching components. The Predator has been thoroughly
tested with ImmersionRC gear. For best results and no compatibility issues, Fat
Shark recommends ImmersionRC gear for your accessory products.


Controls Diagram 

predator V2 fpv manual


Brightness/contrast control: pressing left and right increases/decreases display
contrast. Press forward/back increases/decreases brightness.

RX power switch: The receiver module power is controlled by this switch. If
viewing video source via the AV cable; the RX module needs to be turned off to
avoid image conflict.

Channel select: Pressing channel up/down buttons will cause the channel to
incrementally increase/decrease. Audio beep sounds on channel change. A long
beep sounds on channel top and bottom limits.

Note: Fat Shark only guarantees compatibility with Fat Shark or ImmersionRC

CH1: 5740 MHz CH2: 5760 MHz CH3: 5780 MHz CH4: 5800 Mhz
CH5: 5820 MHz CH6: 5840 Mhz CH7: 5860 MHz

Low battery warning: Audio warning if input voltage drops below 6.8V
Volume control: each press of button increments volume up or down. Standard
earphones can be used with the Predator (not included).

Downlink Overview (Camera, TX, Power)

Downlink system comes preassembled and tested for plug/play with your aircraft.
Simply connect the balance lead of your 2S or 3S (7.4V or 11.1V) RC battery to
provide power to your Fat Shark Downlink and you are ready to fly.

The handy balance lead filters RC servo and motor noise from your RC pack for a
crisp, clear image.






2.5mm lens for wide angle 100 degree FOV; ideal for fixed camera piloting. Stereo
audio microphone on either side of camera head. Camera has no controls.
Plugs camera directly into TX via included cable (pre assembled).

Power (via discharge filter supply)

The discharge filter supply allows you to power your downlink equipment from your
onboard RC pack. Connect as shown below:

discharge filter

AV in/out Port

RCA Connector: Yellow: Video, White:avport
Audio Left, Red: Audio Right

Recording Video

Connect AV cable to AV out port on right side of headset. Connect recording
device to cables and set up as per manufacturer directions.
Note: Cables pins are not all the same (see above chart), be sure to connect to
headset using the included cable.

Using an external receiver:

Use the AV cable to connect headset to the RCA AV port of external devices. To share the Using an external receiverbase station power supply with your goggles, pick up a 3m Dominator AV cable accessory from your retailer. Note; internal receiver must be shut off to properly display external AV.

Battery ChargingBattery Charging

The 1000 mAh 7.4V lithium polymer battery pack
is equipped with a 3 pole balance
charger lead that allows the
battery to be charged off
standard RC battery pack
chargers (not included). Follow
your charger instructions for
setting up for 1000 mAh 7.4V Lipo.

Note: some chargers require the
discharge cable to be connected.
Use the enclosed discharge lead
adapter for these types of

Note (1): If the charger fails to announce charge complete, but is showing battery voltageat 8.4V, the charge can be considered finished


Note (2): If battery becomes fully discharged (may occur during shipping) an
internal safety circuit will trip to prevent the battery voltage from further
drain and damaging the battery. In this state the battery may appear
completely dead to RC chargers and may not be able to recharge until the
safety circuit is reset.

TO RESET BATTERY: Tap a 9V charge direct to the battery barrel connector
(GND to outside barrel, 9V to inside barrel) or apply via the discharge lead
adapter. This will instantly reset the battery and it can be recharged as


Diopter lens

Diopter lens

For near sighted users, diopter lens insert sets are available that include -2, -4 and
-6 dpt. See below insert instructions. Lens orientation is not critical.

SpiroNET Circular Polarized AntennaCircular Polarized Antenna

The best performance enhancement for your dollar; SpiroNET
circular polarized antennae are manufactured to machine
tolerances and final tested with top end RF equipment for the
best performing CP antenna on the market.
CP antennae naturally reject multipathing (biggest cause of
5G8 video breakup) and have no mismatch polarization when
your aircraft banks – resulting in no rude range losses during
acrobatic flight.


Headset Specifications


  • FOV 25 degrees diagonal
  • Interpupillary (IPD) distance: 63.5mm (fixed)
  • Optional diopter lens inserts available in -2, -4, -6 dpt


  • Stereo

User Controls:

  • Channel selection
  • Contrast/brightness
  • Volume adjustment


  • Power supply, 7-13V (2S/3S supply)
  • Power consumption: 200/350mA (direct/wireless)


  • 7.4V 1000mAh lithium polymer with safety circuit.


  • NTSC/PAL auto select
  • Interlaced only (not progressive scan)


  • Ergonomic molded shape with adjustable headband
  • Rubber eye cups for ambient light reduction.
  • Weight: 163g


  • Two full color micro VGA LCD’s (640 X 480 lines)
  • Resolution 922,000 pixels per eye

Head Tracker:

  • None (removed for V2)


  • 5.8Ghz 7ch
  • Interface:
  • 3.5mm 4p AV in/out port
  • Power in port
  • 3.5mm 3p Earphone port
  • PS/2 Power port (alternative headset supply from Futaba or ezUHF)

Camera Specifications


  • Power supply: 3.5-5V (powered off TX)
  • Power consumption: 60mA @5V)


  • 1/4” CMOS
  • Extreme low light capacity
  • Available as NTSC or PAL (specify).


  • 2.5mm IR coated
  • 100°diagonal FOV (ideal for fixed camera)


  • Square: 21 X 21 X 12mm
  • Lens extrude: 15mm X 14mm diameter
  • Weight: 15g

Transmitter Specifications:


  • Power supply: 7 – 13 V (2S/3S supply)
  • Power consumption 310mA @7.4V
  • Transmitting power: 250mW
  • Frequency: 5G8 (see above frequency chart)


  • External dipole (circular polarized compatible)


  • 55 X 26 X 11 mm
  • Weight: 22g (with antenna).

Downlink Kit:

  • Power supply: 7 – 13 V (2S/3S supply)
  • Power consumption 390mA @7.4V
  • Powered via battery balance lead
  • Total weight: 42g (with antenna).

Operational advice

  • For best performance, select a channel that has the least amount of
    interference. While the transmitter is turned OFF, turn on the video
    headset and look at the screen as you check each channel. Clear
    channels will have a consistent static background. Channels with
    interference will have horizontal static lines.
  • Always perform a range test before flying. This includes AV and RC
    controls. Some RC receivers can be affected by the proximity of other
    electronic devices particularly the AV TX.
  • Try to space out your components as much as possible to avoid
    interference to your RC control range (keep stuff away from RX)
  • Until experienced, practice flying in a familiar area to avoid becoming
  • Due to antenna characteristics, there is a “null” in line with antenna
    direction. You may experience excessive video breakup when flying
  • 5.8Ghz signal strength drops off very fast, stay safely within solid AV
  • For maximum distance it is very important that a clear line of sight exists
    between the transmitter and the video headset. 2 of the worst causes of
    interference are human bodies and reinforced concrete.
  • Place your TX antenna in open area in a vertical orientation
  • Multipathing (reflections off buildings/ tall objects) causes signal
    cancellation and result in broken video. Fly in open areas away from
    buildings or other tall structures (i.e. barns, hills).
  • 5.8Ghz AV with 2.4Ghz RC controllers: 2.4Ghz may cause harmonic
    interference on Ch2 – Ch7 of the 5.8Ghz AV (Ch1 not affected). The
    headset has been equipped with a high pass filter that will allow the
    system to work with CE certified 2.4Ghz RC controllers. However, the
    filtering may be insufficient to remove noise from overpowered non CE
    certified controllers. If you experience interference from your RC radio, change the AV channel to channel 1.
  • Although you don’t require any license to operate this device, you are still
    legally responsible for operating in a responsible manner.

Trouble shooting



The system can be exchanged for a new unit within 30 days for any manufacturing
defects if returned in new condition. The video headset will be warranted for repair
for 2 years if no signs of excessive use. Buyer will be responsible for shipping
costs. If beyond the warranty period we will provide repair services.

Your 1st point of contact for all warranty issues is your retailer. We also run a
support forum for all technical issues at: http://fpvlab.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?43-Fat-Shark-R-C-Vision-Systems

Post your questions there and they will be answered by our technical staff or peers.

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Just as the title implies, all of the drones in the list below are guaranteed fun toys. They are fantastic as gifts, or even in order to keep you busy while you analysis into getting the drone that you just want.

Some people will advise buying drones like the kinds in the list below to master with before getting a Phantom 3 or Phantom 4, but in reality that really certainly is not necessary. Drones like these are usually simple, but they are actually significantly harder to fly since they lack sensors like GPS to keep them in one area.



The X5C will be nothing special. It’s a basic quadcopter that almost seems like a DJI Phantom at first, but you won’t be taking awesome aerial videos with it, or perhaps racing through the forest. It includes gyros and accelerometers to help keep it stable and an automobile flip feature like most drones out there. It also comes with a tiny camera for recording online video with quality similar to a a classic webcam.

So why is the X5C on the top of the list of gadget drones for sale? There are nothing particularly special regarding the Syma X5C, but it operates and it’s really low-cost. It’s a blast to journey if you’ve never flown anything before and it is cheap enough where you have no to feel bad if you get crazy on the roof top of your house. Honestly, that is probably why it has around 4, 200 reviews in Amazon, which is a number that will no other drone has are available close to.




The Hubsan X4 is personally the best (small) beginner drone. It is about the same size as the Basso QX, but roughly half the price. There’s 4 diverse versions of the Hubsan X4.

The cheapest version is about $45 USD (including the controller). It doesn’t have an flexibility mode like the Nano QX so you can’t fly having complete manual control, although it’s pretty fast as well as maneuverable (even with vehicle leveling). It also has 6 LED lights which can be turned on and removed from the controller. Speaking of remotes, the controller that comes with the particular 3 cheaper Hubsan products is actually pretty nice. I prefer it better than what goes along with the Nano QX and the Proto x).

The next 2 editions of the Hubsan X4 have got cameras. They’re slightly greater and heavier than the less costly version of the X4, though the flight time is about the identical. The H107C is the model with a standard definition camera and the 61170-02 is the a single with a 720p camera. The particular Hubsan X4 with the common camera is ok, even so the 720p camera takes greater video. The only problem with typically the HD version is that it may be more expensive and the flight moment is slightly less.

One of the most expensive version of the Hubsan X4 is the H107D. It may be mainly for FPV, which allows one to see everything that the drone are able to see in real time. The design is different from any of the other designs and it has a black antenna on the bottom. Although FPV is absolutely cool, this is probably my the very least favorite version of the Hubsan X4, mainly because the air travel time isn’t as good as one other models and the FPV collection is only a couple hundred foot. It’s also about 2 times more expensive than the Hubsan with the HD camera.




The Nano QX is like the LaTrax Alias however smaller. Because it’s a number of inches smaller than the Apelativo it doesn’t have the maximum amount of yaw authority, but is considered still a lot better than the little Proto X.

It has a couple of flight modes, stability and also agility. In agility function, you have full control within the quadcopter to learn how to travel manually (it will not automotive level itself). In steadiness mode, it will automatically stage itself when you let go of often the controls.

The Nano does not necessarily have the auto flipping capabilities that the Alias does, yet that isn’t a problem as you can do flips manually along with it’s more fun. Since the Ridotto QX is smaller than the actual Alias, it’s only $90 instead of $150. The only frustrating thing about having a more compact quadcopter like the Nano QX is that it’s harder to view when flying far away, thus it’s easier to lose positioning, but in general, it’s continue to a good quadcopter to learn along with, especially since you can also put it to use with any DSMX RADIO CONTROLLED transmitter.




If you want to figure out how to fly a quadcopter physically, the LaTrax Alias is a good way to start. The reason why a good quadcopter to learn together with is because it has a full handbook flight mode and it is very extremely durable. This means that you can find out how to fly without being concerned too much about crashing.

Given that it’s about 7 in . wide and has big propellers it also has great yaw authority, so doing lender turns, pirouette maneuvers plus more would be no problem. It’s furthermore big enough to carry a tiny camera like the 808 keychain camera. I’ve even noticed people install video receivers and do FPV.

The only disadvantage about the Alias is the selling price which is about $150. It could seem a little bit pricey initially, but at the same time it’s developed well and even if you do have the ability to break it, all of the elements are replaceable. This is not the sort of quadcopter where you end up putting it away after a calendar month of use.




If the AR Drone 2.0first came out, it was one of many coolest drones for sale on the market. It has a 1GHz thirty two bit processor, 1GB regarding ram, gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, a pressure sensor, a great ultrasonic sensor, 2 video cameras and more. Even though it’s through 2 years old, the FLADEM?L Drone is still one of the most sophisticated quadcopters available in its budget range which is $299.

The biggest characteristic of the AR Drone is it can be controlled from your i phone. You can also see a live videos feed from the phone display and record video. Is considered even running Linux in addition to there’s an AR Drone open API platform, to help you program it to do what you may want.

Like the other multirotors on the list, this is “not” a great quadcopter. The biggest feature on this drone is actually one of it is biggest problems. The AREAL drone can only be manipulated with your phone, meaning that you can not use a normal RC operator with real control twigs. That also means that there are no way to fly yourself.

If you’re planning on learning how to take flight so you can operate a more enhanced model in the future, you will learn anything with the BE Drone.




The Proto X is one of the smallest drones for sale on the planet. These have 3 gyros, 3 accelerometers, 4 motor speed remotes and a radio receiver just about all shoved into a tiny PCB board about the size of 25 %.

The price for this little drone is only about $38. It is very one of the cheapest quadcopters you can aquire (but cheap isn’t actually a good thing). It’s very quick for how small it truly is, but at the same time since the rotors are so small and close collectively, people have found that a fresh bit hard to do bank becomes with it. Since the Proto Back button is so cheap, there is a possibility that you could buy a defective just one, but you can always just send out it back.

I cannot really recommend this quadcopter if you’re serious about getting into the particular hobby, but it’s absolutely a good toy if you merely want something to gathering around the house.



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If drone racing and freestyle flying sounds like something crazy you will see in a movie, you are right! If you’re even thinking about getting into the sport of rhyme racing, do it! This is the extreme, fast paced, super addictive part of drone flying. Racing drones are like race-cars. They are going to take a lot more research as well as time than any other kind of drone to start out with, however the experience you get when flying is unlike anything else on the planet.

Drone Racing is a real sports activity with real competitions and incredibly real prize money, and also it’s starting to take off worldwide. Nobody knows where this particular sport will end up years in the future, but it’s only getting intense as technology improvements. One day drone racing might become just as popular every other major sport, if you want to be the best, you better begin immediately.





The TBS Vendetta is really a tiny little quadcopter created specifically for FPV (first individual view) racing and freestyle flying. Today, you can find numerous mini FPV racing drones that come ready to fly, nevertheless the Vendetta is the best option available. It comes with almost everything you have to start learning to race. The only real things that it won’t include is a controller, battery, phone chrgr and FPV video glasses, but in the world of drone racing you’ll usually want to select that stuff to fit your requirements anyway.

Racing drones such as the Vendetta are usually much smaller compared to camera drones like the Phantom 4, but don’t let the little size fool you. The actual TBS Vendetta will very easily reach speeds of 70mph and above when racing on a track, or over 100mph when doing nose dives straight down the sides of cliff encounters.

There are a few reasons why we think the actual Vendetta is the best ready-to-fly racing drone, but the main reason is really because it’s designed well as well as the parts have excellent performance and quality. The particular Vendetta is a drone that is going to be hard to break, if it happens, no problem! It’s one of the just drones that doesn’t require a soldering iron when you need to replace elements after crashing. This is a big-deal for racing drones, simply because you’re always crashing along with repairing it at racing events, or even just in the park. Because of its modular style, you can also upgrade to bigger engines, add a high-voltage battery in addition to instantly have a faster device.

As far as price goes, it is about $500 (which is definitely normal for a drone this specific size with all of the features it has). Availability for the Punition is not the best right now due to the fact it’s new and full of demand, but if you ordered 1 today you could expect to have this in your hands within a 30 days.




The Vortex 250 Pro is another great ready-to-fly racing drone and a fresh direct competitor to the TBS Vendetta. It’s about the same dimension, but a bit heavier as well as comes with two bladed propellers instead of three like the punition. Typically, two bladed props will be slightly more efficient, however three bladed props convey more power and a crisper trip characteristic to them. You can affect the props on both quadcopters if you wish to, but then the flight control will have to be re-tuned.

The main difference between Vendetta and the Vortex 250 is that you aren’t getting the detachable arms or the modular parts. With the Vortex, it’s not as easy to fix and you will not be able to upgrade it to obtain more power, but I think it may be still a good alternative to the particular Vendetta and better than typically the older Vortex 285.




Typically the Vortex 285 is another treadmill from ImmersionRC. It’s really one of the first ready-to-fly FPV racing drones that came to market in 2015, but because of the functions it has and the price, is considered still very relevant even now. It runs similar software to the Vortex 250 Professional, but the hardware is just somewhat slower which means that it should never be as responsive. It is going to still feel like a very accurate machine, matching performance to the majority of of the custom racing develops out there, it’s just not the very best of the best.

The biggest drawback of often the Vortex 285 is the framework design. It’s about thirty-five mm larger than the Vortex 250 Pro (which isn’t an issue for traveling thanks to the actual folding arm design), though the frame has a lot of tiny plastic pieces holding that together. In other words, the Vortex 250 Pro will be a great deal stronger than the 285 since it has a stronger and more easy frame design.

So why would you want the Vortex 285? Because the current price is simply $330 ($170 cheaper compared to 250 Pro).




The QAV250 is actually a quadcopter designed for freestyle flying and FPV racing, similar to the Vendetta. It’s actually only a frame that’s sold through Lumenier so people can also add their own electronics to it, you could get a ready-to-fly version with all the electronics installed if you’re offering extra.

This is truly a enthusiast type of multirotor and all of the particular parts and components tend to be high quality, customizable and made simply by completely different companies. Getting it setup and fixing it whenever you crash would be a lot more difficult than most of the other ready-to-fly options out there, but the new good choice for someone who wants to utilize specific parts to build an ideal racing drone.

The price for your frame is about $130, yet once you add up the cost of purchasing the high quality components, it will be within the same price range as the TBS Vendetta.




This is a drone that looks great externally. It’s small and looks like it may be pretty fast. It actually comes with everything you need for FPV racing (a controller, battery charger, batteries and FPV gear). You get all of this for a low cost of $359. 99 that sounds great, but racing drones like these are not the actual seem. You might have a lot of fun for that first few days of owning a bum like this, but after getting familiar with what a good racing drone really is, you will quickly be looking for something far better.

I’m using the Eachine Racer 250 as an example, but there are a great number of cheap ready-to-fly racing drones out there in this price range, and also the story is always the same. All of them use the cheapest components feasible, cutting corners with the design and style whenever they can. Quality control may also be a big issue, but the major reason why I wouldn’t suggest these kinds of drones is because these people just aren’t designed to develop. You probably won’t be using typically the cheap controllers, battery garnirs and FPV gear that are included with these kits on upcoming drone builds, so youre basically throwing away money if you are planning on upgrading.

However , should you be dying to try FPV racing and you just can’t afford to invest the extra money on a correct setup, a drone such as this could be the best option.







They are the drones that most individuals are familiar with. Camera drones are often ready-to-fly quadcopters that have stable cameras for shooting movie and stills. Drones along with cameras have a massive amount associated with uses in different industries, for example video production, search and also rescue, agriculture and more. Many people don’t buy camera drones for a one specific cause. People tend to use their own drone for many different factors. Some of the more popular reasons consist of exploring the world from brand new perspectives, experiencing what it is like to fly, and taking memories in a completely new method is a perfectly good reason with regard to wanting a camera jingle.


Below you will discover a list of the most popular camera drones for sale right now, with the best drones being at the top. Please note which pricing may change anytime, so click on the price to find out current pricing and accessibility.




At this time, there are a ton of digital camera drones for sale, but the DJI Phantom 4 is by far probably the most innovative. It can fly very quickly. It’s very reliable. The actual HD live video loading works better than any other rhyme out there. It’s super easy to setup and use. The list regarding things that you can do just goes on and.

The main feature of the Phantom 4 is the added 3D cameras and new computer systems for mapping out conditions in three dimensional space. This is exactly what allows it to avoid hurdles and maneuver around them. But features like obstacle prevention aren’t the only thing that places the Phantom 4 most importantly the other drones out there.

From the design standpoint, the Phantom 4 is made extremely well. It is not the kind of drone wherever it just looks cool. All has been designed to be practical, but still elegant.

Recently, DJI has expanded their customer care team and now they have DJI Care, which is just like a damage protection plan for drones. With DJI Care, you are able to send your Phantom 3, Phantom 4, or even Encourage 1 to DJI and they’ll fix it for free even if the accident was your fault. If you wish to know more about DJI care, read the DJI Care article.

Among the best drones for sale right now may be the Phantom 4. Here are some from the features that make the Phantom 4 my favorite video treadmill.

  • 4K Video with twelve Megapixel Photos
  • HD Movie Streaming to your Mobile Gadget (over 4 mile variety in good conditions)
  • Effective Mobile App (just such as the DJI Inspire)
  • Longer Battery-life (over 22-28 minutes)
  • Superior 3D Vision Positioning to get more Stable Flight
  • Front Dealing with Obstacle Avoidance
  • Active Visible Subject Tracking Technology
  • Fast Release Propellers
  • Free In-app Flight Simulator for Learning how to Fly
  • Right now, the DJI Phantom 4 is priced at $1, 399 which is pretty amazing due to the
  • fact you’re getting the most fresh drone on the market.

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If you’re looking for the simplest drone to fly most abundant in flight time, features along with great video quality, the actual Phantom 3 is the just option that I would recommend in order to about anyone. There are a few some other drones that have similar performance to the Phantom 3, however nothing else is going to provide you with a great all around experience with all the most popular features for the same cost.

Right now, the Phantom 4 is what I fly one of the most (when I’m not traveling the inspire 1), however the Phantom 3 was my personal favorite camera drone before the Phantom 4 came out and it may be still better than any other choice in it’s price range. I did previously tell people to buy a smaller sized drone so that they could learn to fly before investing in a Phantom, but now with better trip characteristics and the built-in air travel simulator, there really is not a reason to do that anymore.

Something that isn’t immediately obvious is how large the DJI user community really is. When compared with other drones, the amount of Youtube . com videos, websites and people generally talking about the Phantom 3 is huge. Any queries that you might have, there will continually be someone out there who knows the solution. You can also find after-market accessories available for sale like carrying cases, lens filter systems, GPS trackers and more.

Once i flew the Phantom 3 for the first time, all I could believe was “this thing lures like a mini Inspire one! ”. It’s much more steady than the Phantom 2 and also the video quality is exactly just like the inspire 1, however there are several big differences between them. In case you aren’t sure which one to purchase, read this article comparing both.


The Phantom 3 comes in four different models. Towards the top of the food chain, DJI’s Phantom 3 Professional comes regular with follow-me, GPS marks, point-of-interest, optical-flow and ultrasonic sensors (for hight in addition to position hold when absolutely no GPS signal is available), 4K video recording, twenty minute flight times and much more. The Phantom 3 Innovative will do everything that the Phantom 3 Professional can do, yet at 2 . 7K rather than 4K. At $499, the particular Phantom 3 Standard will be the cheapest Phantom 3 you can purchase. It has a cheaper controller style (taken from the older Phantom 2), no optical-flow or even ultrasonic sensors, but it continues to have follow-me, GPS waypoints as well as shoots 2 . 7k video clip. With the Phantom 3 Regular, you’re basically getting some thing comparable to a 3DR Single with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver and gimbal regarding half the price. The last design which came out a few months ago could be the Phantom 3 4K. They have the ability to shoot 4K. nevertheless at the same price as the Phantom 3 advanced.

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Let me just begin by saying, if you ever obtain a chance to see this bum in person, you’re going to 1 for yourself. With a design that will looks like it came from the sci-fi movie, the encourage 1 is the most professional ready-to-fly drone you can buy.

The DJI Inspire 1 is probably probably the most advanced quadcopters I’ve actually seen. There isn’t a lot that the Inspire 1 CAN NOT do. it comes standard challenging features of the Phantom 3 Professional, but with a much larger, cooler and higher quality design and style. It’s almost twice as large and twice as fast since the Phantom 3 and with is considered transforming design, the propellers will almost never be seen within your videos. Additionally , the Motivate 1 comes with a 4K digicam on a 360 degree panning gimbal, which means that you can manage the motion of the photographic camera completely independently of the Stimulate 1 . This makes it great for double pilot operation, but also for obtaining locked in shots within almost any wind conditions.

With regard to Professional video use, often the Inspire 1 comes in 2 other variants with exceptional image quality to the actual most expensive aerial platforms in the size. If you need a high quality video camera for shooting pro top quality video The Inspire a single Pro is a version in the Inspire 1 that features any micro-four-thirds 4K camera together with 13 stops of powerful range, interchangeable lenses along with a sensor that’s 8 occasions larger than the standard Inspire one particular camera. If you’re looking for a level higher end solution, DJI right now offers the Inspire 1 Organic, featuring a 500GB SSD and also 4K Raw video documenting for working in professional post-production environments. The great thing about all of the motivate 1 models is that the digital camera is detachable, so even if you’re not in the air you can use digital cameras like the X5R with DJI’s Osmo to get professional floor shots as well.

I can not cover everything about the Really encourage 1 in this article, but something that I will talk about is the is not something that you would purchase your 10 year old son like a gift. The Inspire just one costs $1, 999 and it is mainly for people who want an incredible tool for aerial digital photography, videography, search and save, 3D mapping, or any additional professional application. That being said, the actual Inspire 1 is actually among the easiest drones to use along with fly out there. So whether or not you have a real use with this drone, or you just would like something that will impress all your friends, the Inspire one is definitely something worth considering.

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Compared to DJI, Yuneec is a relatively unknown organization, however that hasn’t halted them from competing. The particular Typhoon H is the greatest competitor to the Phantom 4 we’ve seen so far. A fresh 6 rotor retractable the landing gear beast of a drone, having a 360 degree gimbal (similar to the Inspire 1). Why is it similar to the Phantom 4? Well both drones overcome 20 minutes of airline flight time, have obstacle deterrence, decent video quality and they are in the same price range. This can be a drone that has a lot of fascinating features and flies very well. We had the chance to use it for a couple weeks and were really impressed. By having 6 rotors, the Typhoon H jigs very smooth, it should remain flying even if one electric motor fails, and it handles blowing wind like a dream.

It comes with an all in one android controller, which means you do not need a smartphone to use this, but the user interface is nowhere near as basic as the Phantom 4 or any type of DJI product for that matter. That is one of the main reasons why we choose DJI’s drones over exactly what Yuneec offers. Also, you will have to upgrade to the Typhoon H Pro “with Realsense” to obtain full obstacle avoidance features. Unfortunately, this will bring the price up by over $400, making it much more expensive compared to Phantom 4.

Overall, I believe this is a good drone to consider if you prefer a little bit of everything. It has a few features from the Inspire a single, some features from the Phantom 4 and styling which makes it look a bit more professional compared to most drones out there “if that’s something you treatment about”.

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#5 YUNEEC Q500 4K


The q500 4K is an older model through Yuneec and as the name signifies, it shoots 4K online video just like the Phantom 4 in addition to Typhoon H. Although the Yuneec looks like a pool vacuum (in my opinion), they have lots of great features for the selling price. For example , it comes with a couple of batteries and a hand attach that allows you to take the camera (and gimbal) off the quadcopter to make use of it as a mini portable stabilized camera system.

In around $800, it’s certainly a good price for what you are getting, especially compared to the Solitary, though it’s not as inexpensive as the Phantom 3 common. Because the Q500 4K certainly is not super popular compared to the various other models, you won’t look for a lot of information and movies about it yet, nor maybe there is any third-party accessories accessible, but that shouldn’t prevent you considering it as an option. Probably the most interesting feature of the Q500 4K is that it has an Google android device built into the control, so there’s no need to occurs tablet or smartphone, even though quality of the screen within the controller is definitely subpar when compared with an iPad. If you do intend on buying the Q500, make sure that you obtain the new silver and dark 4K version, because the initial Q500 had a 1080 pixels camera and it wasn’t everything great.

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The 3D Robotics Alone is extremely functional, yet simple to use. It has many features just like the Phantom 3 but instead involving using a built-in camera, that uses the GoPro Leading man 4. This means that you have the opportunity to take the camera off and employ it for whatever you want. The greatest difference between the Solo and the majority any other ready-to-fly camera jingle is that it’s modular/upgradable but nevertheless easy to use. It has a gimbal these types of and an accessory gulf, meaning that third-party companies can simply make new gimbals as well as other accessories (No accessories or perhaps gimbals are currently available though).

You can get the Solo for jus $999, however this price tag does not include the GoPro or maybe 3 axis gimbal. If you would like get the Solo with the 3DR gimbal and a GoPro Main character 4 Black Edition, The entire cost will be around $1900. Basically, there are other cheaper choices out there like the Phantom 3 and the Yuneec q500 4K that can produce videos using the same great quality, but if you act like you can afford it and you just like the options that the Solo provides, it’s not a bad option.

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Typically the Parrot Bebop is one of the much more technologically advanced drones for sale at this time. It’s the AR Drone’s smaller, smarter, faster plus more expensive little brother.

Similar to the AR Drone, you can handle the Bebop with your apple iphone or Android device. Although with the Bebop, there’s a good optional SkyController which will give you real joystick controls, prolonged range, HDMI output and some other cool things.

Often the Bebop has a lot of enhancements over the AR Drone second . 0, but the most interesting function is the video system. Very low 14 megapixel camera with a one hundred and eighty degree field-of-view fisheye zoom lens. Since the camera lens offers such a wide field-of-view and also a really fast processor, the particular Bebop is able to take the complete 14 megapixel image, repair the image distortion (eliminating typically the fisheye effect), stabilize the, then send the reside video back to your cell phone. What all that means is the fact that you’ll be getting a electronically stabilized standard definition videos feed straight to your telephone. At the same time, It also records electronically stabilized 1080p video towards the 8GB of onboard memory space.

The Parrot Bebop is really a really cool drone, but there is a few issues that I have by using it. The first is that the video flow seems to have a lot of lag, which makes it unusable for really quick and precise FPV (first-person-view) flying.

The second problem is the cost. The price for the Bebop is actually $499 USD. It’s not really a bad price, but you need to use your smartphone to travel it, which means that you will not have precise controls until you buy the optional $400 SkyController (making it $899 UNITED STATES DOLLAR total). A lot of people are also getting reliability problems with the Bebop. Take this review from The Brink for example.

Overall, I think that this Bebop will be very popular “as a cool tech gadget” for your Christmas season, but We can’t see it being used for expert video in the same way that people make use of the Phantom 2 and Phantom 3. On the other hand, it’s a very good price (not including the SkyController), so I guess it will not be a bad gift idea.

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Before we have started, if you didn’t know, all of these drones for sale are in fact considered multirotors, but most individuals still call them drones because it’s easier to state. A quadcopter is another kind of multirotor aircraft with 4 rotors.

If this is your first period looking at drones for sale, then you definitely probably don’t understand most of these crazy drone terms. Take a look at “5 Things You Should Know Before you decide to Buy“. After that, you can return to this page with a lot more rhyme buying knowledge.




So I got my F450 Drone out, then a Crazy Lady Appeared!

* Disclaimer – This Article Contains Adult Language. If you’re easily offended, please back out of this article by clicking here. This Article also contains Amazon Associate Product Links*

Yesterday evening, I got my F450 out so I could get some aerial footage for my Memory Bank of this 20-acre property that has been in my family for over hundred years, and will be sold in 2017 to a developer.

Just as soon as I got my Drone in the air, I heard someone yell out “PERVERT ALERT!”. I turned around to see a woman on the phone up at the road. Where i was launching my drone, from where she was standing was approximately 44.4 yards from me (according to google earth).

“Was she talking to me” I asked myself? I landed my drone and said. “Excuse me mam?”. She responded by giving me the middle finger and said, “TAKE A PICTURE OF THIS YOU FUCKING PERVERT!”.

I was totally shocked and angry about what she said to me. For as long as I have been in this hobby, I have never experienced anything like this. I have read online stories about people freaking out when they see a Drone flying in the air.

After she gave me the finger and called me a pervert, I had to say something, so I responded, “Lady. If I was going to risk jail for spying on someone, I wouldn’t risk it by choosing to spy on your ugly ass!”.


I just turned around and put my drone back in the air and set it to Auto so it would fly its mission. As I was watching my drone fly to it’s way points ignoring what this yelling up at the road, suddenly someone took their finger and poked me really hard on the shoulder blade. I turned around to see who it was and there was that same crazy cunt that was up at the road yelling all these horrible things to me!

This crazy cunt had already walked down to me on my property and said “TAKE IT DOWN NOW!” I responded, “You crazy fucking bitch I will not!” She then reached and tried to quickly snatch my DX7 Transmitter out of my hand. “You god damn bitch, get your god damn ass back up on the road before I have your ass arrested for trespassing!” as I pointed at the big yellow sign that says “NO TRESPASSING”.

She replied, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, TAKING PICTURES OF LITTLE GIRLS?!?!?” I was fuming mad. I’m pretty sure I had smoke coming from my ears by this point. “You stupid bitch, where do you see a little girl at?” I pointed to my house, “That’s my house!” I pointed to our rental house, “That house is also ours, and has been empty for a year!” I pointed to the ground, “And this is my property” then I pointed to the road, “And there is a public road, now get your ass on it!”

She replied, “Well the police are already own its way. I wouldn’t put it back in the air if I were you.”

By this point my drone had already landed, and I already had it in my hand to keep her from smashing it, “You see this number right here” I pointed to my FAA number that is written on the drone, “That means I’m legally registered with the FAA, and I have the card it my wallet saying I’m legally allowed to fly it. I Don’t care if the police are coming, and if you don’t get your ass off my property right now, I will have you arrested for trespassing! Speaking of the police, right there they are.” I pointed.

The police came down and made her go stand in front of his patrol car and he had me wait right there.

He went over and talked to the lady. He then walked back down to me and got my side of the story. He asked if I was register to fly this drone and I showed him the number on the drone and handed him my card and id.

He told me that she said that I was following her with the drone. I told him, “That is a lie!” I told him what happen and what I was doing and I told him a that I had footage from my GoPro, “If you watch this video that is on this camera, you will see the drone lift off the ground into the air, then land. You should be able to hear her yelling at me, and me responding back to her. Then you will see the drone go back in the air and fly to the waypoints I had set. Then you will hear part of our conversation when the drone landed and I had it in my hand. At no time did my drone follow her like she is claiming it did.” He asked me would I mind if he seen the footage, and I responded, “I would be happy for you to watch the footage.” I removed my GoPro Hero 4 Black from my drone gimbal and handed it to the cop. He took the GoPro and walked back to his patrol car.

About 15 minutes go by and another patrol car pulls up. He gets out and walks up to the other patrol car. I’m guessing that the first cop, the older gentlemen didn’t know how to get the video off SD card. After several more minutes, I was sitting on the bank. I was a good distance away from them you could see them talking, and what looked to be smiling and laughter.

The second cop walked over to the lady and started talking to her. The first cop came back up to me, handed back my GoPro, ID and FAA card and asked would I like to press trespassing charges. I told him no, I just want her to get off my property.

He told me I was free to go. He walked up to her and told her I did nothing illegal, and that she should be thinking me for not pressing charges, and that if comes back harassing me when they leave and in the future, that she would be going to jail.

I took my drone and walked in the house, and the lady and the cop’s left.

Has anyone had anything like this happen to them while flying your drone? I’m debating on uploading the video to YouTube, but i’m nervous of any legal ramifications (she trying to sue me etc..)


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Beginner – FPV System Setup Guide

* Disclaimer –  This Article contains Amazon Associate Product Links*

FPV (First Person View) puts you in the pilot seat of your Quadcopter/Drone. You will see what the Quadcopter/Drone sees in real time. For a beginner, this can be confusing. Well i’m here to help you get you started in the world of with this simple FPV Setup Guide.

A complete FPV system will consist these components…

  • Camera
  • Video Transmitter
  • Video Receiver
  • LCD Screen (or) Goggles (or) Smart Phone (or) Tablet
  • X2 Antennasdia

Various vendors today on the internet sells FPV kits with all the components required. However, most all of these kits or made up of cheap components without going through quality control before leaving the manufacture. Those FPV kits are fine if your going to put it them on a quadcopter/drone that was built cheaply to begin with. However, if you have a good amount of money in your quadcopter/drone, you diffidently dont want to use the cheap FPV components on your quadcopter/drone. They last thing you want to happen is your FPV to malfunction in mid-flight while going top speed (which often happens with these cheap kits).

I’m here to help stop you from making the same mistake as so many other before you have made.

FPV Camera Types

The cameras used in FPV are basically the same as those used in security cameras. When Choosing an FPV Camera, the one thing you have to pay attention to is the power requirements for that particular camera.

Select a camera with a wide input voltage range, that way you have some flexibility when wiring your FPV system. I personally like to choose a camera that use a 5-15 V input. This way i can use the main flight battery.

I personally like the JJA-960H 1080P HD Camera from amazon.

Video Transmitter

The FPV Camera is connected to the Video Transmitter. The video transmitter takes the signal from the camera and sends it out trough the antenna. This antenna is what is called the Transmit antenna and is omni-directional.

I personally recommend the Immersion RC 600mw 5.8 GHz A/V Transmitter from amazon.

Video Receiver

The Video Receiver will receive the Video Signal that is transmitted from the Video Transmitter. The Video Receiver will then take the signal that and show it on you monitor.

I personally recommend the Boscam FPV 5.8G 32CH Wireless AV Receiver RC832
from amazon.

Video Transmitter and Video Receiver Antennas.

Choosing the antennas for your Video Transmitter & Receiver is something that most all of the beginner FPV pilots dont think about. They assume that since FPV Transmitter and Receiver comes with a antenna (omni directional linear polarized whip antenna), they don’t need one. They don’t realize that using that antenna cost them.

Most all FPV Transmitter & Receives comes with a Antenna (Like the antenna on your home router), but the antennas they come with will need to be immediately upgraded to a circular polarized antenna (A/K/A Clover Leaf Antenna) before their first FPV flight.

These simple linear antennas that comes with these kits are very horrible.  The high frequency 5.8GHz bounces off everything so easily, it causes multi-path interference. For FPV, you don’t want that. If you are in mid-flight going into a hard bank turn and you loose signal, your expensive quadcopter could end up smashing into a hard object cause your quadcopter to fly-into little pieces because you were momentary flying blind.


As of this writing, they are 4 different types of antennas…

  • Linear Polarized Omni Directional Antenna
  • Linear Polarized Directional Antenna
  • Circular Polarized Omni Directional Antenna
  • Circular Polarized Directional Antenna

What antenna you decided on really boils down to what frequency you are transmitting on, and how far away you want to fly.

If you are a Beginner FPV Pilot, i wouldn’t worry about any of that for the time being and just go with the Circular polarization Antennas. Once you gain experience, you can start experimenting with different antenna combinations that best suites you.

I Recommend any of these Antennas that can be purchased through Amazon..

  1. Crazepony Foxeer 5.8G FPV Antenna Circular Polarized set
  2. Superior FPV 5.8GHz Clover-Leaf Antenna Set Transmitter Receiver RP-SMA Inner Hole

Monitor or Goggles?

This really boils down to personal preference. Some people prefer the googles. Some people prefer to sit down in front of a very nice ground station with a large LCD monitor, and some people prefer a smaller 6-12 inch LCD Monitor, Tablet, Smartphone attached to their radio transmitter. I However prefer the goggles, and i recommend someone that is just starting out in the FPV hobby to choose the Goggles if they have the funds.

I understand that most people can’t plop down $300-$500 on a pair of Fat Shark FPV Goggles, so here is my list from a Small LCD Monitor,  Large LCD monitor, Tablet and Goggles that can be used for FPV that cab be purchased through amazon..

Note: Some FPV Monitors and Goggles have Built-In Video Receivers. If you choose a FPV monitor or googles that has a built in Video Receiver, you wont need to separately purchase a Video Receiver. Also, some if not most monitors need their own separate power source, like a Lipo Battery, or plug-in to the wall. Some Goggles also comes with a Video Transmitter. Make sure that whatever you purchase doesn’t come with a transmitters and built-in video receiver before making those purchases

    1. Fat Shark Predator V2 FPV Headset System
    2. EACHINE EV800D FPV Goggles with DVR 5.8G 40CH 5 Inch 800×480 Diversity Video Headset Build in Battery
    3. Spektrum Teleporter V4 Video Headset


Installing an FPV System on your quadcopter/drone isn’t difficult, and this information i have given you is enough to get your ‘eyes in the sky’. Welcome to the world of FPV


Drone Registration Deadline Ends Today

If you haven’t Registered your Drone weighing 250 grams and over by now, you will have until midnight EST, January 21st, 2016 and your $5 registration fee will be refunded!

To register, simply go to FAA.gov website by Clicking Here. Then on that page scroll down and click the blue Register Now button.

If you wait until after mid-night, the $5.00 registration fee will not be refunded. Failing to register your Drones at all, that could cost you $25,00 and/or imprisonment for up to three years.

So dont be a dummy….. REGISTER YOUR DRONES NOW!


The Tragic Story of Sky Spider

I thought I would share a story about my first drone I had ever built. I have been in the hobby for a long while at that time, and had many drones that I have bought.

I had been thinking of building my own drone for a while just so I can say I built it, while learning a little more about the hobby in the process. I had been saving up for a while because I wanted all top of the line parts. From the props to the frame; everything had to be quality.

Several months later, at the end of the 2014 year, I took all the money I got from Christmas and added it to my “Drone Jar” (Prepaid Amex Bluebird card); and with that money I was able to afford to start the ordering process for the parts to start the build.

When all my parts arrived, I was in awe. I was so very happy. I fell in love with the DX7 transmitter instantly. You have to remember that up to that time, I only used the transmitter that came with my drones.

I was like a kid in a candy store with all these parts sitting on my desk. I was very happy, but nervous at the same time. I was nervous because I was thinking that I was getting way in over my head. With all the parts now in front of me instead of on a computer monitor, it looks way too complicated.

I dove head first and slammed everything together and set up my 3DR APM and GPS (not the clones), and stuck on my Mobius action camera. When I first started it up for the first time, it kept flipping over and over which scared me to death (yes, I’m a zombie).

After researching (thank god for YouTube) for a minute, I figured out that two of the motors were rotating incorrectly, so I DE-soldered the Motor wires from the ESC and switched two of the wires around; then walked outside to try again.

I was super nervous. I slowly gave the drone some throttle and up it went. Success! I had successfully built my first drone. After a few figure 8 laps, I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of the drone and what I could and could not do with the APM flight controller.

For months, and even up until that tragic day I read and tuned on that drone. I had it almost perfect for me. After many fight hours, I decided on a name (it’s something I do) and that name was Sky Spider.

Later on that month I decided I wanted a gimbal and a good camera for Sky Spider. After Researching what was the best gimbal and camera I saved up for the Gimbal and GoPro.

After I received the GoPro and Gimbal, I mounted them on Sky Spider and took off on a short autonomous mission to test everything out, and I was like WOW when I replayed to footage.

That night I decided I wanted FPV on it, and with what little money I had left in my “Drone Jar”, I bought an eBay FPV kit. Yes, it was cheap, but I would eventually replace it with something good. I just needed more time to save up the money.

The next evening, I took Sky Spider and started to uploaded a mission via MAVLink. But the mission that I had saved somehow was deleted. No biggie as it wasn’t too difficult to redo. When I had my mission laid out in mission planner, I uploaded it to Sky Spider and took him out to my landing pad. With a flip of the switch, Sky Spider lifted up off the ground and started on its 23 waypoint mission.

As I was setting there watching him fly through the air, it was high above the trees, and as it made it turn far away from me, starting back up hill something didn’t look right. But I let it go a little further (my regretful mistake) … And as soon as I seen it was going to hit the top of a tree, and before I could flip the RTL switch to make it go up to 400ft and Return to me, it hit the very top of a 100ft + pine tree.

In a panic I turned off the auto pilot and pulled the throttle to zero, when I should have given it full throttle to try and come out the top or made it fall down to the ground on the other side.

My heart sunk to my stomach. I knew this was bad, very bad. I tried rocking it out of the tree using the throttle without success.  Sky Spider was wedged in tight in the fork of the tree and was hung up on the gimbal and GoPro.

I walked back to the house wondering what in the hell I was going to do now because it was supposed to rain the next day, and what in the hell happen because I flew nearly the same path route many times prior

I Looked over the what I could have possibly done wrong. I looked over and over on mission planner when I spotted what I didn’t do, and I’m pretty sure was the reason for sky spider hitting the top of the tree. I forgot to check on Height Verify in mission planner.

When sky spider lifted off, it lifted off from the landing pad, it was plenty high enough to clear the trees. But the landing pad is downhill in my backyard at the edge of a field. When Sky Spider made it’s turned and started up hill, the distance between him and the ground became closer until eventually he hit the tree.

At dusk that same evening I opened my front door and you could hear Sky Spider crying for help, BEEP—- BEEP—- BEEP—- BEEP—-. There was nothing I could do to help him. I would walk to the windows and watch the landing lights get dimmer and dimmer, and his cries became fainter until finally Sky Spider was dead.

Till this day Sky spider sits at the top of this pine tree, and even now about every 3 days I walk out there hoping it has fell to the ground or to a lower branch but it’s still it the same spot even after 20, 30 and 60mph winds.

I know it is ruined, but I still want it back.

Yes, I have called a tree service but they told me that they couldn’t risk a man falling out of a 100+ ft. tall pine tree trying to rescue a “toy”. They tried to get me to pay to have the tree took down and they would send a man up to retrieve it for me

Two days later my eBay FPV kit arrived.

One day I hope I can have Sky Spider back in my hands. I will replace all the parts, install the eBay FPV kit and raise Sky Spider back from the dead. And i will do a Resurrection Of Sky Spider blog series. That day will be a glorious day for me.